The Complete Guide to “Wedding Bands”

Wedding bands are not only the focal point of engagement rings, but they also make a strong symbol of your love. Shannon Haas, an expert, will help you choose a metal and select engravings or …

Wedding bands are not only the focal point of engagement rings, but they also make a strong symbol of your love. Shannon Haas, an expert, will help you choose a metal and select engravings or embellishments. She’ll also show you how to purchase the bands for your big day.

Tip: Wedding Bands Shopping

Your engagement ring is a great guide to help you start your band search. While you may occasionally want to rock your wedding band alone, it is important that your engagement ring matches your wedding ring when worn together. Visit your local jewelry shops and try on every style, even those you didn’t know you wanted. When it comes to making a choice, choose a band that you are happy with and will be able to wear for many years. It should be comfortable and fit your lifestyle.

Haas also recommends that you make sure that your jeweler offers a great warranty to take care of your jewelry. They will be your first choice for cleaning, sizing and changing the ring, as well as any repairs or maintenance.

Wedding Band Options

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The most popular choices for wedding bands are yellow gold, white, rose, gold, palladium, platinum, and gold. However, tungsten is also an option. While most brides choose the same metal for their lolita wedding dress rings, it is not a hard rule. You may prefer a mixed metal band, or a band with multiple colors that is braided. Remember that your ring will last for a lifetime and possibly beyond. Consider tungsten or Platinum if you have strong hands. They are harder than white gold.


Many brides and grooms add gems and stones to their wedding bands to make them unique. Although pave styles (smaller diamonds lining the band) can add a lot of sparkle and flair to the wedding bands, they are susceptible to loosing and falling out, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Channel setting is a great alternative to pave if you don’t want the glam look and the risks of missing stones or snags associated with pave. The channel setting is a similar look but involves creating a channel in the ring and placing stones in a row within the channel. This makes the gems more secure. When it comes to selecting the stones, you should stick with large rocks like rubies, sapphires or diamonds.

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There are many ways to make your metal band’s metal a work-of-art, from vintage art deco designs to stars or florals. Keep in mind that intricate engraving is more likely trap dirt and is harder to clean. Any additional designs or engravings on the inside will increase the final price. You can expect to pay between $25 and $75 for 15 machine-carved characters, or $75 for eight hand-engraved characters.


The width of your wedding are you a match can vary from 1mm to 8+mm. This is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. The majority of brides match their wedding bands with their engagement rings. This is usually between 2 and 4. However, mixing widths can give you a unique look so be open to shopping for something larger or smaller depending on what vibe you are trying to create.


Haas says that finishes on men’s rings are very popular. You can have a more tactile look in stone, brush or matte or you may prefer high polish or satin. A finish will make your ring stand out.

FAQs about Wedding Bands

When is the best time to buy wedding bands?

The key to choosing your wedding band is to begin shopping early. Haas warns that many couples wait until the last minute to choose their wedding bands. They have already spent so much money on their purple wedding dress that their bands are an afterthought. Remember: Your wedding band is your forever symbol. Make it a memorable experience by starting to search early. You have a better chance of finding something that lasts.

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