Baguette Wedding Bands: A Complete Guide

Your engagement ring is the centerpiece of bridal jewelry. Your engagement ring is the most important bauble in your wedding. But, it’s not the only bauble that symbolizes your love for each other as a …

Your engagement ring is the centerpiece of bridal jewelry. Your engagement ring is the most important bauble in your wedding. But, it’s not the only bauble that symbolizes your love for each other as a bride. A wedding band can also be a special piece of jewelry after you say “I do.” A baguette wedding bands is the perfect choice if you are all about a flashy ring look.

Madeline Fraser, founder and CEO of Gemist, says that the Gemist was first created in 1920s. It was named after its rectangular shape which is reminiscent of a French baguette. It’s timeless in its beauty and a cut that will never go obsolete.

We spoke to Fraser and Katie Zimmerman, chief of merchandising at Blue Nile to get more information about baguette bands.

Continue reading to find out more about baguette wedding bands made of diamonds and what to consider when looking for one.

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Baguette Wedding Bands: The Pros and the Cons

Baguette wedding bands can be worn with any combination of a sparkling solitaire diamond, a cluster of gemstones or a three-stone engagement band. They come in many styles and shapes, from eternity bands with one row of baguette stone to modern bands that have alternating stones and modern bands with tapered or fanned baguettes. So, no matter your style–modern, vintage, or fashion-forward–baguette bands’ versatility offers a forever-worthy look for every bride.

Baguette Wedding Bands are certainly a show-stopper, but they can also look great. This statement piece can be overwhelming for some brides. The two rings, especially when combined with an engagement ring can emit a lot of sparkle. This may not be a bad thing. They may feel a little too contrastive with your casual outfits or everyday life. You can wear your engagement band on days you feel like it is too loud or if you are feeling more relaxed or if your mood changes. You can’t go wrong when you have options.

What to look for in a Baguette Wedding Bands

Which settings are best paired with a baguette-shaped wedding cufflink band? Fraser says that solitaire or solitaire pave is the best setting to show off the beauty and shape of the stone.

Are there any other unique stones that can be used with a baguette band. Baguette bands are made to be worn with angular stones such as a square, emerald or radiant. No matter what engagement ring you choose, it doesn’t matter. There will be a baguette band to match your engagement ring perfectly.

How do I know if the ring has high quality? Baguette diamond bands are characterized by their clarity and cut. Baguette diamonds require less cutting than other types of diamonds. Baguette-cut stones have only 14 facets, so precision is essential. Fraser says that flaws in a baguette-cut stone will be more easily visible than other diamond cuts if it isn’t cut precisely.

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What carats are best paired with baguette-diamond bands? Fraser says that baguette diamonds are best when they have a lower weight. These diamonds are much more visible in less than one carat.

What can I do to make my baguette stack stand out? walmart wedding bands suites are great for stacking rings. They can be used to create a unique stack of rings.

Is there a way to increase sparkle in my baguette ring? For a more blingy look, you can make an enhancer ring that has two rows of baguettes. These will sit on top and bottom of the engagement ring.

How to Care For a Baguette Ring

Regularly clean your baguette gemstones. Diamonds can last forever but proper cleaning and care are essential to keep them shining and bright. Zimmerman says that diamonds can lose their shine from everyday tasks, such as applying makeup to skin and using skincare products.

You should clean under the ring’s shaft to prevent dirt and other debris from building up. You can ask your jeweler for help if you are unsure how to clean the ring. Zimmerman suggests that although ultrasonic machines can be used to give your diamond a thorough cleaning, it is best to use mild soap and water to clean the ring.

When you are doing hand-heavy activities or involving products that could damage your ring, make sure your band is stored in a safe place such as a jewelry box.

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