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Seattle Destination Wedding



Two people who are madly in love have to plan their big day. Some people feel more comfortable getting married in their own backyard.

They prefer to do the best thing to keep it intimate. However, for others, they want to share a unique experience with their friends and family by hosting a destination wedding.

But regardless of whether or not the destination holds a significant value for the lovebirds, the idea of a destination wedding can be a totally different ballgame

You can’t just walk into the courthouse and have a reception at your home.

Seattle, Washington seems to be a popular destination for weddings. According to my understanding, this is because of the

The climate in Seattle is fairly consistent throughout the year, which makes it a pleasant place to visit.

Seattle Destination Wedding Planning

Your wedding will be unforgettable, no matter how intimate or grand, whether it is a private wedding for two people or a large, luxurious wedding in Seattle with 200 guests.

  • This day will be cherished for all eternity so make sure it is perfect.
  • Seattle Weddings are beautiful and romantic, but it can also be time-consuming and costly.
  • We recommend renting a Seattle vacation home to avoid stress.
  • A hotel room in Seattle is more affordable than one in a hotel. We recommend that you work with one of the many Seattle wedding organizers.
  • You will be able to understand and know the city better than any research can.

Seattle Wedding Venues for Destination Weddings

Here are some places we think would make a great wedding venue in Seattle, or the surrounding area.

  • The Washington Athletic Club
  • Fairmont Olympic Hotel
  • URBAN enoteca
  • SODO Park by Herban Food
  • Stimson Green Mansion
  • Canlis
  • Hotel 100
  • Union Station’s Great Hall
  • Bell Harbor International Conference Center

These are just a few ideas we love about destination weddings. They are often visited by people from far away so they are easy to arrange.

It would have been a great attraction for both your guests and the ceremony.

Rehearsal Dinner for Seattle Destination Wedding

Because it is usually the first night guests arrive at the venue for the wedding, the rehearsal dinner is crucial. If you are a bride, it is important to arrive at the venue before the wedding.

Seattle. It is usually the night before the Seattle wedding, or two nights beforehand. These are our top choices for the Seattle wedding

rehearsal dinner

  • Redhook Brewery
  • Tulio Ristorante
  • The Resort at Port Ludlow
  • Palisade Waterfront Restaurant
  • Pan Pacific Seattle
  • Motor Yacht Linmar
  • Covington Cellars
  • The Last Supper Club
  • Efeste

These are not recommendations for Seattle wedding rehearsal dinners.

Being A Guest At A Seattle Destination Wedding

A destination wedding offers a completely different experience than a traditional wedding. The process for guests at a destination wedding is different

Weddings are a bit different because you have so many variables to explore. You are not in your home country, you are traveling to a foreign country.

General Seattle Destination Wedding Etiquette

It is not a good idea for the husband and wife to assume that everyone who they invite will be able attend their wedding. You should be a guest

You should not assume that the wedding couple will pay for your trip to the Pacific Northwest. If you are attending a Seattle destination wedding, please let us know. Remember that flights, gas and food can cost between $600 and $1200.

The ladies shop at one of Seattle’s boutiques. It is usually better for the guests to have their wedding gifts shipped to them than to carry it around.

From Seattle to the rest of the country. This is a vacation for the guest, and a wedding for your love birds.

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