Couples have been lighting candles, combing sands and walking in circles or jumping over brooms for many years to show their love and devotion. Must Read: A unity ceremony can be used to add …

Couples have been lighting candles, combing sands and walking in circles or jumping over brooms for many years to show their love and devotion.

Must Read:

A unity ceremony can be used to add personality and tradition to your wedding celebration, regardless of whether you prefer a simple or elaborate style. It is the moment that a couple declares their love and commitment to each other, literally and metaphorically. This is a memorable moment for guests and couples. It’s a great moment!

These are some unique and trendy ideas for a unity ceremony:

  • Unity Candle
  • Unity Sand Pouring
  • Handfasting
  • Anniversary Capsule
  • Unity Canvas
  • Locks for Love
  • Warming the Rings
  • Mixing wine
  • Hand washing


One of the most popular traditions in religious and non-religious ceremonies is the lighting of the unity candles. The unity candle ceremony is performed by the couple lighting small candles together. The flame represents the light that two people can share to create one life. The flame can be easily blown out by a breeze, so this ceremony is not suitable for outdoor ceremonies. Due to restrictions on open flame at certain venues, this classic unity ceremony has taken many different forms over the years. Before you make a decision about your unity ceremony, be sure to verify with the venue.

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Sand pouring is a growing trend due to its simplicity, ease, and richness of meaning. This tradition evolved out of the candle lighting ceremony. It has become very popular due to its versatility and significance. Many couples choose to use colored sands that match or come from specific places. You can then combine the sands into one container, which you can keep as a memento for your entire lives. This is a great option for ceremonies that involve children or members of a blended families.


Handfasting, a centuries-old tradition, is used to signify the joining of two lives. The couple is bound together by a special ribbon, rope or cord during the ceremony. You have many choices for ribbon and cord. You can buy the ribbon or cord from an Amazon seller or you can organize a DIY event with your wedding party. You can have your wedding officiant lead the ceremony and the couple can exchange vows.


The anniversary capsule unity ceremony is an idea that can be used to look back at the couple’s first year of marriage. The couple exchange handwritten love notes and a bottle of wine during the unity ceremony. This is a great opportunity for your guests to send you good wishes. After the ceremony, lock your box and you can enjoy your own wedding time capsule for your first anniversary. Cheers!

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The literal tying the knot! The couple will tie what is called a “fisherman’s” knot. This knot is one of the strongest and most resilient. It can withstand pressure but won’t break. Recommendation: practice, practice, practice. It can be confusing. It’s a cute idea for a wedding ceremony and the guests love it!


A painted canvas can add color and flair to your ceremony while also creating a unique keepsake. Each person chooses a paint color to put onto a blank canvas in this unique unity ceremony. This is a great option for couples who love art, history, and playfulness. Your final work will be a fusion of two lives that brings color and balance together.


Love locks, a new trend in the wedding world, are a fun and fashionable way to secure your marriage. This fun ceremony sees the couple lock their locks together in unity. This is a symbol of the union between two hearts that can never be separated. You can personalize the locks with a message for the couple. The keys can be tossed, or tied to helium balloons.


Ring warming is a recent trend in unity ceremonies. It’s a sweet ritual that fills the couple with good will. The officiant will direct the guests to heat the rings between their fingers before the couple exchanges them. As they warm up the ring, the guests will wish each other good wishes and then pass it to the next guest. This ceremony is ideal for intimate weddings. However, you can modify it to suit your needs. This is a beautiful and simple way to celebrate the couple’s union.

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Toasts are a great way to start a new chapter in life. Why not toast with wine the couple has blended together? The couple will then pour their chosen red and white wine into a wine carafe. This symbolizes the merging of two hearts. The couple will then share a glass of their new blend with one another and perhaps their guests.