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These are the facts you didn’t know about Queen Elizabeth’s wedding



The original royal wedding was held decades before the glittering nuptials of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer and Prince William and Kate Middleton. At 21 years old, Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip, a Danish and Greek prince, at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947. The wedding photos of Queen Elizabeth, 70 years later prove that this lavish affair was truly unforgettable.

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We look back at Queen Elizabeth’s wedding with 15 amazing facts. These tidbits may surprise you, even if you have already binged-watched The Crown. We’ve also scanned all Queen Elizabeth’s wedding photos to share our favorite images.

At a Wedding, Queen Elizabeth met Prince Philip

Although this isn’t a fact about Queen Elizabeth’s wedding day, it is a crucial part of her love story. According to The Royal Family’s website in 1934, Princess Elizabeth married Prince George, Duke Of Kent at the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece, Denmark and Prince George of Denmark. The princess was eight years old at the time. They met again in Dartmouth at the Royal Naval College, when Elizabeth was 13 years old. They started secretly exchanging letters and Elizabeth is said to have fallen in love soon into their relationship.

The Queen Mother Selects Queen Elizabeth’s Wedding Dress Designer

Queen Elizabeth I, also known as The Queen Mother, chose Sir Norman Hartnell to design her wedding gown. He was familiar with the family’s work since 1938 so he was an easy choice. Hartnell stated that he was determined to make “the most beautiful gown I have ever made” after hearing about his assignment.

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The Wedding Dress was a Symbol of Hope

The symbolic meaning of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown was for UK citizens. Botticelli’s Primavera painting represents hope and rebirth. Although the image was not created in 1480, it is visible on the wedding gown of the future queen. This representation served as a symbol of hope to those who were struggling with post-war austerity.

UK Citizens Attempt to Fund

Some post-war restrictions had an impact on the royal nuptials because Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were married two years after the end World War II. To help pay for the wedding gown, hundreds of citizens sent their own rationing coupons. All coupons were returned after they were deemed illegal. The Queen Elizabeth paid for her wedding gown with her own clothing-rationing coupons.

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Queen Elizabeth’s wedding rings have deep family ties

Both Queen Elizabeth’s wedding rings are significant in sentimental value. The platinum-and-diamond ring she got for her engagement was made from diamonds that were sourced from Princess Alice of Battenberg, Prince Philip’s mother. A nugget made of Welsh gold was given to The Queen Mother as a gift. This simple wedding ring was designed by her. This nugget has been used by the royals of recent decades like Princess Anne, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton.

Queen Elizabeth’s Tiara Leaked While She Was Getting Ready

Even the queen was not immune to emergency situations on wedding day. Queen Elizabeth snapped her tiara while getting ready at Buckingham Palace the morning before her wedding. The Queen Mary Fringe Tiara, which was her “something borrowed”, gift from The Queen Mother, was what she chose to wear.

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Part of the crown broke when it was put on her head. The royal jeweler was available to repair it. The fashion error is evident in Queen Elizabeth’s wedding photos, which show a visible gap between the tiara’s center and the diamond to her right.

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