Five Facts about Meghan Markle’s Thoughtful Wedding Veil

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was a memorable event. The Suits actress and activist, who is also an activist, had royal fans wondering about her wedding day look for months before …

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was a memorable event. The Suits actress and activist, who is also an activist, had royal fans wondering about her wedding day look for months before the nuptials on May 19, 2018. Clare Waight Keller, the former creative director of Givenchy, was her custom Givenchy gown. She looked radiant. It was simple, made from silk crepe, with a bateau neckline and structured three-quarter sleeves. The skirt had a fitted waistline. The length of the train, which was made up of three pieces silk organza, was a modest nine-foots. In comparison, Princess Diana’s 1981 marriage dress measured 25 feet. The Duchess of Cambridge not only created a modern, simple wedding dress, but also added a few sentimental touches to it. She included a silk tulle veil to pay homage to the Commonwealth of 53 countries.

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The royal family was surprised by the custom-made wedding veil.

The dramatic veil worn by the Duchess of Sussex took the world by surprise, but it was also a complete surprise for the royal family. Meghan shared her feelings about Prince Harry’s decision to include the Commonwealth in their wedding day in such a personal way in Queen of the World 2018, which was shown on the 2018 documentary Queen of the World. She said that Harry was “really over the moon” to hear that she made this decision for their wedding day. “I believe the other members in the family had a similar reaction.”

Meghan shared in the documentary that she wanted to pay tribute to the Commonwealth to honor her new role as a member the royal family. She noted that “[They] have an] appreciation of the fact that this is important for us, the role that it plays, and the work we’re going on to continue doing within the Commonwealth countries.”

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The veil details linked the Duchess to Queen Elizabeth II.

Glamour was told by Nick Kent, the executive producer of the HBO documentary Queen of the World that Meghan’s decision not to include flowers from any of the 53 Commonwealth countries in her bouquet was a tribute to the Queen. Kent stated that Meghan’s decision to include symbols from all 53 Commonwealth countries was not only something she thought about and took care of, but also shows that she understands the importance of symbolism to monarchy. The particular symbol of flowers being embroidered into a gown–I don’t know if Meghan was aware of it–but the Queen had done the same thing 65 years ago on her coronation. The eight flowers from the eight Commonwealth countries were embroidered on her gown. It is a personal gesture that speaks to you, but it also serves as a symbol. It is a long tradition that symbols can have powerful meanings in tying monarchy to people.

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Meghan added some special flowers to the mix.

Clare Waight Keller designed the veil and the Duchess of Sussex did a great job. The Wintersweet, which grows in Kensington Palace’s front yard, was one of the embroidered flowers. Also included were the California Poppy (the state flower of California), Meghan’s hometown state. The veil was hand-sewed by the workers for hundreds of hours. They had to wash their hands once a 30 minute to preserve the integrity of it.

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Their sweetest details went largely unnoticed on the wedding day.

Meghan added a personal touch to her veil by using a piece from Prince Harry’s blue dress as her “something green”. The Duchess was able to see her wedding gown for the first time in Queen of the World’s HBO documentary. Nick Kent, executive producer, stated, “What was really touching? One of her first words and one of her first actions was to inspect the gown to find that little bit of blue fabric that she had sewn into it from the dress she wore on her first date. That was a spontaneous, natural moment.”