Everything you need to know about making your own wedding cake

Everything you need to know about making your own wedding cake There are many things to do when planning a wedding. Some of these tasks can seem daunting. It is possible to make your own …

Everything you need to know about making your own wedding cake

There are many things to do when planning a wedding. Some of these tasks can seem daunting. It is possible to make your own wedding desserts, even though it sounds daunting.

A large, multi-tiered, multi-tiered wedding cake may not be right for you, especially if it’s an intimate affair, at-home celebration or elopement. A baker can make modifications to accommodate a smaller event, but it may be more practical for you to make the celebratory sweets.

The Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to taking on the task of creating your own wedding desserts. To make sure that it is the right fit, you need to look at both sides.


This is how to fuel a passion: If baking is something you love, this might be the right choice. You might have been contemplating this idea for years and saved your ideas to a Pinterest board so you could be ready when it came. You may feel that it is important that you make your own wedding desserts. The day is about you and your soon to be spouse.

Creative Control: Wedding cake bakers may be some of the most imaginative in the industry, but this is a great way to really control your vision. The power of creativity is only you. If you are willing to execute it, you can make your vision a reality. This doesn’t only apply to decor. Nothing compares to homemade if you have a particular, meaningful recipe that you want to include in your wedding.

Cost Savings; A lot of the cost associated with wedding confections is due to the labor required in making them. While ingredients are important, professional bakers must also consider how much time and effort it takes to prepare elaborate designs. You can save money by making your wedding desserts. It’s important to remember that you are not just saving money. This is an additional benefit that you should consider.


Making your own wedding desserts takes time and effort. This is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of making your own wedding cakes. You may have a long list of tasks to do before the big day. You need to be able to balance other tasks with the time and effort required to make these delicious treats.

Baking desserts for large groups requires some skill. Your wedding day is not the right time to try your skills in baking if you are new to this field. To avoid stress, only take on this challenge if your baking skills are strong.

How to Make Your Own Wedding Desserts

These tips and tricks will make it easier for you to create your own special day treats with your partner.

Map Out Ingredients

A plan is key to creating desserts that are suitable for every occasion. You should plan out what you will make and keep a list of all the ingredients. Take a look at the recipes and plan the quantities of the ingredients you will need. You should always buy extra ingredients in case something goes wrong.

Plan, plan, and more plans

It’s also helpful to plan the order you will bake your desserts. You don’t have to bake your entire cake. Instead, you can just focus on the baking. Plan which items you will tackle first if you are making a display of cookies and brownies. You should also consider the timing of baking. This will ensure that you have enough time to prepare your treats and not sacrifice flavor or texture.

Opt for Mini Desserts

Minimizing wedding desserts is one of the easiest ways to approach them. This is a great option for small groups. Instead of preparing a huge wedding cake, consider options that can be cut and presented in beautiful ways. You have many options. These include making mini parfaits with cute cups, decorating rice crispy treats with dried flowers petals and colored white chocolate, and using store-bought pastry dough for beautiful fruit tarts.

Transport is an important consideration

This is perhaps the most important point. After you have spent a lot of time making your wedding desserts, make sure you have a plan to transport them safely to the venue. This will be easier if you have a home-made wedding or if you bake everything in the same place as the venue where you are getting married. There are some additional steps for those who travel to the venue.

Make sure that you have something safe to store your baked goods. A tall cardboard box can be used to transport your wedding cake. Proper dessert boxes are essential for small desserts such as cupcakes and other small treats.

How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake

A multi-tiered wedding cake that features stunning piping and a watercolor design is possible if you are a skilled baker. If you can pull it off, great! There are still options for those who don’t have as much experience in baking or decorating to make a cake ready for wedding.

Keep it to one Tier

Your wedding cake may be one of the most difficult tasks you will ever undertake. It is possible with some creativity and patience. A single-tiered cake is a good option for a small group. You can provide enough cake for your guests without having to worry about stacking tiers. You can make single-tiered cakes by stacking multiple layers. This allows you to create taller and more memorable cakes without having to over commit.

Mini cakes

You might be interested in a smaller project, but still want to include cake. You might consider making mini-tiered cakes to serve each guest. You can bake the cake in large rectangular pans, then use round cookie cutters to cut it out. These mini cakes can be stacked with frosting between layers. For a sweet look, decorate with simple ornaments.

Do not eat naked cakes

Semi-naked cakes or naked cakes are great options for those who don’t have the time or desire to decorate. These cakes have a rustic look. It is much easier to stack a cake with no frosting, or to frost a cake rough and then remove some frosting. You can also add decorations such as fruits or cascading flowers to make it more festive.

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