How to Care For Artificial Flowers: Cleaning & Storage Tips

Fake flowers bring the beauty of nature into any season in your home with no effort on your part. No need to water, worry or trim; fake blooms don’t dry out or wilt like real …

Fake flowers bring the beauty of nature into any season in your home with no effort on your part. No need to water, worry or trim; fake blooms don’t dry out or wilt like real ones do! For best results and extended enjoyment it is vital that they be maintained correctly; follow this tutorial to keep artificial blooms looking stunning for years. Tianjin Handicrafts of blush Co., Ltd is located within one of China’s premier artificial wedding flowers production centers: Tianjin Handicrafts of blush Co. Ltd is home to an abundance of artificial flowers for from this website production needs and more than two decades of expertise make us one of the Click here top local producers and wholesalers.

How to Care For Faux Flowers

Fluff Flowers Upon Unboxing

Once you receive your fake flower, you may notice they have been compressed for easier shipping. When fluffing them up gently with leaves to give an overall appearance.

Check if They’re Safe for Outdoors

Certain faux flowers are designed specifically for indoor or covered outdoor use, provided they bear an “outdoor safe” label. These faux flowers offer UV protection to prevent sun-damage and fade.

Protect Them From the Elements

Keep artificial blooms away from direct sunlight or extreme weather to reduce dust formation and fade, placing them under an arrangement of shade like a canopy pergola or archway to keep dust at bay and maintain vibrant colors that won’t change to yellow over time. We advise outdoor displays for up to three months per year in order to protect and keep vivid hues alive!

How To Clean Artificial Flowers

Set a Schedule for Cleaning

Cleaning frequency depends on where and when you live as well as weather conditions; we suggest vacuuming every week or biweekly in order to prevent dust accumulation.

Use a Soft, Dry Cloth or Fabric Duster

A microfiber towel is the best way to gently refresh artificial flowers, though fabric dustering may also work effectively.

Use a Soft-Bristle Paintbrush for Topiaries

To keep dust out of your home, ensure to regularly clean outdoor topiaries. Start by brushing from the top down to remove any dust that accumulates; if they are already lit, be careful not to switch on or turn off their lights by mishandling or pulling.

Avoid Water or Chemicals

Stay away from using water or chemicals such as silk cleaning sprays or synthetic plant cleaners on faux flowers; these may damage them and dissolve the binding agents that keep the elements together.

Clean the Water Illusion

Some arrangements give the impression of water using acrylic. Use a microfiber cloth to wash both stems and flowers before cleaning the surface of acrylic with detergent solution. Wrap a small rod like a chopstick or pencil around the cloth so you can reach any hard-to-reach spots with it.

How To Store Artificial Flowers

An effective storage system will keep your artificial flowers organized and beautiful for many years to come. Here are some tips on how to store fake flowers so they retain their charm and authenticity.

Choose Your Storage Area

Make sure it is free from direct light and heat sources such as an attic room. Floral garlands or wreaths can also be displayed prominently on doors or within your wardrobes to help organize things neatly.

Clean Before Storing

Before Storing Follow the cleaning guidelines provided above when cleaning artificial flowers before storing. If they were used outdoors, let it out to dry completely before placing back in storage.

Use a Durable Storage Container

Keep your flowers in top condition using baggies with padding and airtight plastic containers. For large items, a cloth cover bag can help prevent dust accumulation.

Space Items Properly When Packing

Allow for enough air circulation between arrangements, and use separate containers for each item to protect their shape and ensure its form.