7 Ways to Celebrate Your Engagement (Without a Party)

Getting engaged is an exciting time in your life! And, it’s something more and more couples are choosing to do. 2022 saw a huge boom in the total number of couples who tied the knot. …

Getting engaged is an exciting time in your life! And, it’s something more and more couples are choosing to do. 2022 saw a huge boom in the total number of couples who tied the knot. In fact, estimates for 2022 were that over two million people would get hitched! With such a huge number, it’s a no-brainer to recognize that couples who get engaged want a way to celebrate. But, not everyone wants a party. If you’ve just tied the knot and are interested in celebrating in a unique way, here are some fun ideas that don’t require a party.

  1. A getaway. You’ve heard of a honeymoon, and you’ve maybe even heard of a babymoon … but why not an engagement-moon? That’s right. Ditch the normal party with friends and family and instead go on a vacation with your new fiance. Celebrate your engagement by having some special alone time together to really enjoy the idea of being freshly engaged. Whether you go a plane ride away or simply book a night at your local fancy hotel is entirely up to you, but it’s overall a great way to celebrate your engagement. If you are traveling a far distance to celebrate your engagement with your new fiancé, make sure you invest in alternative jewelry to your new diamond ring. It could get lost or stolen during your travels. Instead, consider wearing a silicone wedding band as your travel ring to keep your diamond one safe and pristine.
  2. Send each other gifts at work. If you two work crazy hours or don’t have a way to take any time off to celebrate right away, why not send each other gifts at work? Have flowers or food delivered, or make a special delivery if they work somewhere you can visit yourself. It’s a great and unique way to celebrate even if you can’t be together or get away to celebrate on your own just yet.
  3. Recreate some of your very first dates. Go back to the places that started it all! Revisit how you got to the point you have together by recreating some of your very first dates. Restaurants, museums, sporting events, festivals … you name it, do it again. Take the time while you’re there to talk about what each other was thinking in the moments of your dates. You might be surprised to find out what each other was thinking! Maybe they secretly knew from the first date they wanted to marry you. Or, maybe they weren’t sure how you felt about them. Either way, it’ll be a good exercise in openly communicating how you feel now and felt then about each other!
  4. Consider a donation instead of a celebration. Some couples aren’t interested in having any party or celebration at all. If this is you and your fiancé, consider donating to a local non-profit or a cause you both care about instead. This will give you both the feel-good endorphin rush you want without making you feel like you’ve wasted time or money on a party. Of course, couples who choose a huge party are entirely valid in having the massive celebration they want. Some couples are very minimalistic, and that translates into how they celebrate their engagement. These couples are probably also the same ones who’d prefer to elope over having a large wedding, or they’d prefer to spend extra money on their honeymoon than a lavish reception. However, that’s not always the case. Lots of couples like to look for alternatives to traditional wedding gear, such as alternative wedding rings for women and men. Overall, giving a donation is a great way to celebrate your engagement!
  5. Send a card. Sometimes, the best celebration is an announcement. Consider sending a card to close friends and family announcing you’re engaged! You can either send it to everyone, or only send it to the people you’re considering inviting to your wedding. Be careful, though. Sending a card to someone about your engagement might make them think they’re automatically invited to your nuptials. If you’re worried someone might consider it an early invitation, consider sending it only to people that you think you’ll invite to the actual wedding.
  6. Have a photoshoot. An engagement shoot is such a fun way to celebrate your engagement! Contact a professional photographer to take lots of great photos of you and your new fiancé. They might pick the location, or they’ll let you choose. Consider somewhere that’s quiet but meaningful to you and your partner as the location, and don’t be afraid to have fun with the photos! They don’t need to look like you got them done at a portrait studio. Instead, focus on how excited you are to be engaged to your fiancé. You’ll notice how much better the pictures turn out when you’re just having a great time with them!
  7. Announce your engagement on a Zoom call. Whether you use Zoom, group FaceTime or even Google Meet, if you don’t want to host a party but still want to tell friends and family the good news, why not announce it on a Zoom call? Your friends and family can join in on the celebration by sending you virtual hugs and kisses, no matter where they are. This is perfect for couples who live farther away from their friends and family or have some health issues and still aren’t too sure about hosting a large in-person celebration yet. It’s also a great way to save money, making just one way you can save now to spend a little more on your wedding or honeymoon later.

An engagement is a great time in a couple’s relationship. Practically every couple wants to find some way to celebrate together or with friends and family. But, if a traditional engagement party isn’t really your style, there are lots of things you can do instead. Either way, take the time to really lean into how exciting it feels to be taking that next step with your person.