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Celestial Wedding: Ideas for Starry



The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the right theme for your wedding. A Celestial Weddingtheme for your wedding might suit you, whether you are a self-proclaimed expert on the zodiac or simply a lover of all things whimsical. You don’t necessarily have to go all-out with a zodiac theme wedding. However, you do not need to be completely committed to it to include some stunning starry accents.

While your vendors will be executing your wedding style, it’s a good idea to have some initial ideas in order to help you stay on track. To make your wedding theme feel well-curated and established, we recommend creating a wedding inspiration board. We have 23 suggestions for celestial-themed weddings that will be a hit with you and your S.O. Make a list of your favorite ideas and then let your pros know your wildest wishes to make your vision a reality.

Sign “To the Stars”

Celestial Wedding decor is as extravagant or subtle as you like. We recommend this “To The Stars” sign if you are committed to the theme. It’s a great investment because it will look great in your wedding photographs and it will be there behind you during some important moments such as your first dance or cake-cutting ceremony.

Celestial Wedding Gold Flecked Table Runner

Look for decorations that will enhance the celestial theme of your sweetheart table. This couple adorned their special spot with a deep, indigo-gold-flecked tulle runners. We love the way they added stars and Travel Candles to the bottom.

Constellation Seating Chart

Your seating chart will be the focal point of all eyes during your wedding. Make sure you make it a part of the overall aesthetic. The thematic seating chart tells guests where to sit, and what constellations they should be looking at. It sets the tone for the starry soirée with its dark blue, gold and silver color scheme.

Celestial Wedding Invitation Suite

Fact: Invites are the best way for guests to learn about your theme. Your stationery choices can give guests a glimpse of the day from the moment save-the-dates arrive in their mailboxes. We recommend that you choose a design that complements your vision. These celestial wedding invites are our favorite. They feature watercolor cloud paintings and constellation drawings as well as a rich, blue, and metallic color scheme. You can find similar designs at The Knot Invitations. For more inspiration, see this collection of ideas for wedding invitations based on your Zodiac sign.

Moon Wedding Cake Topper

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make a celestial-themed wedding corset cake. But if you prefer something more simple, a metallic moon cake topper is a great option. This small but powerful detail will tie together your theme effortlessly.

Celestial-Themed Wedding Dress

This statement celestial dress will make you the star of the wedding. It features subtle star embroidery on the bustier bodice. This bold design is perfect for those who want to stand out.

Crescent Moon Backdrop

This crescent-shaped backdrop for your ceremony is perfect for celestial wedding themes. The moon is a key design element. For a stunning ceremony setup, arrange it behind your altar.

Constellation Menus

A minimalistic approach to celestial-themed wedding decorations is the use of constellation motifs printed on different paper goods. This menu is a great example of small star patterns that can be placed at every table setting. Consider adding constellation prints to place cards, escort cards and signage.

3D Cloud Decor

We are astonished by this unique celestial wedding shawl decor. To make your guests feel transported to the heavens, you can place large cloud puffs all over your venue.

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