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Firdous Premium Embroidered dresses Collection



This gorgeous Tropical Premium Collection combines bold designs with ultra-feminine styling. This autumn edit will seamlessly transition your wardrobe. Our Topical Premium Collection 2022 is soon available in stores.

Firdous’s latest collection of embroidered summer dresses looks like it is rushing to the energy and enthusiasm that has been set in motion for this spring. Firdous’ spring/summer dresses 2022 Collection will bring you a new sense of energy through a wide range of colors, designs and textures that will inspire your emotions and expand your mind.

This is a fresh way to inspire all women in the pursuit of inspiration, creativity, and enjoyment. Shop for women lawn suits and dresses online in Karachi and all across Pakistan. New Firdous collection for women of designer lawn suits at a low price

Comfortable enough to wear close, but sophisticated enough to give you energy and style. All your requirements will be met by our Eid Exclusive Collection. We have a wide selection of embroidered lawn suits that could fit women in various sizes.

Firdous began to see a woman who is open to all possibilities that could inspire her creativity as she delved deeper into the idea. 2 piece Embroidered Dress (Shirt + Dupatta). Shirt with embroidered front and sleeves. Printed dupatta Fabric Fabric (shirt) (dupatta) Lawn Fabric (dupatta); Chiffon Embroidered Lawnsuit.

The warmth of summer may be felt under a scorching sun. These are the pieces that will open your heart and mind to the symphony.

No sizzling heat will dampen your summer glow. Firdous’s beautiful, enchanting shades can make you feel ravishing and relaxed all day.

Firdous is a well-known and efficient clothing brand in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of high quality fabrics as well as clothing with unique styles.

Firdous has been happy to release its diverse collection of high quality lawn, bedding and cotton, chiffon silk, khadi cloth, and silk for a long time.

Each Stitched and unstitched cloth talks about the best quality of their latest designs. You will find the newest summer lawn embroidered dresses right now.

Find beautiful lawn suits for women in Pakistan at amazing prices. Check out our amazing women’s lawn dresses online today

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