Bridal Shopping Etiquette and Tips

Bridal Shopping Etiquette and Tips We’ve learned a lot about what makes our shop unique and what our brides love about the bridal experience. We love hearing that one thing is the same for all …

Bridal Shopping Etiquette and Tips

We’ve learned a lot about what makes our shop unique and what our brides love about the bridal experience. We love hearing that one thing is the same for all brides: “having the shop to ourself” or “being able to get one-on-one styling guidance.” It is a privilege to be able to spend time with brides and help them through their bridal journey. We need to be able to talk about how we operate, what you can expect and general bridal etiquette in order to make those intimate appointments. These guidelines were created for our boutique, but they can be applied to any shop.

Schedule an appointment

Find Research Shops Near You

A website will be available for bridal shops that allows you to view their inventory, prices, lead times, and more. Before you make an appointment, ensure that the shop meets your style preferences and budget. Before you make an appointment, establish a budget. This is a very important topic that you should not discuss once you’re in front of others.

  • TIP: When determining your budget for the dress, remember to include accessories, veil, and alterations.

Give us a call

We are happy to help you if you’re visiting the area and would like to see our gowns. We can only be reached by appointment. There’s nothing worse than a bride who drives from far or near and is not able to get help. We respect our brides’ time and honor the intimate experience that we promise. While we will always do our best to help, it is helpful for us both to communicate with each other before.

Timely cancellations

Our boutique reserves 2 hour appointments for our brides. One appointment is booked at a time, so if someone cancels or does not show we will have another open for them. We will now charge $50 for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the appointment.

  • TIP- It is normal to shop around for your wedding gown. We know that most brides will also be looking at dresses from other stores. You can avoid cancellations by not booking appointments on the same day or back to back. Separate your shop visits. If you do find your dress somewhere, please call the standing appointments and let them know as soon as possible!

Once booked

Make sure you are prepared

It’s a different experience than normal shopping. It is important to be prepared for the experience and to have fun.

  • TIP: Don’t be too heavy on your makeup. There’s nothing worse that putting lipstick or foundation on brand-new samples.

Your undergarments are another important consideration. It is a common joke among brides to say, “Oh I shouldn’t have worn [insert colour here] underwear”. This can sometimes be distracting depending on how the gown is made. Spanx may be a good option if you are looking for tight fitting gowns.

A strapless bra is necessary if you want the gown to fit as precisely as possible. Our gowns can have low or open backs that are difficult to adjust unless you have something to attach it to.

Shop Communication

A reminder email will be sent to you a few days before your appointment. We recommend that you carefully read the email and pay attention to the items we suggest. Parking can be difficult downtown, so we offer suggestions in our email.

Bring the Decision Maker

It is a good idea for the “decision maker”, to be present at your appointment. It is a common misconception that a bride should bring “so-and-so” back to get their opinions. This can really put a damper to that special moment when you love a dress.

  • TIP- Remember that some shops may only allow you to return for appointments on certain days of the week. So make sure you’re there when it is convenient! The initial appointment is free, but any subsequent appointments will be charged a fee. It is a good idea to be “ready” for your first visit.

Arriving at Appointments

Respect others’ time. Arriving late or early to your appointment can cause disruption. Your appointment will be shorter if you arrive late.

  • TIP- If you’re bringing a large group of people, please meet up before the start to exchange greetings. Large groups can lead to appointments starting 15-20 minutes late due to all the greetings, hellos and gifts. To make the most out of your time, take care of these things before you arrive.

Keep your eyes open

It can seem overwhelming to walk into a salon. There are so many options, and the little girl inside you wants to try all of them. We understand that it can be overwhelming to try too many dresses or allow other members of the party to keep pulling dresses. Trust us, we have a strategy that will make your appointment time go smoothly.

  • TIP- We’re here for you and know the inventory so well. You can reap big rewards by pushing yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone.
  • TIP- Tell your guests that, as tempting as they may be to you, they shouldn’t pull out gowns from the rack. While they can help you find the right style, it is highly frowned upon for a bride to insist on trying a particular style. We promise to help you get there.

We hope you found this helpful and that it helps you understand what to expect when visiting us. We want to make shopping for dresses easy. We are excited to see you in our shop!

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