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The Secret to a Luxury Wedding On a Budget



Many couples dream about a destination wedding. Destination can be anywhere, from a New Zealand mountaintop to a beach in Bermuda to a small park in upstate New York.

Weddings require more planning than regular weddings. To plan and execute your dream destination wedding, while still staying within your budget, it is important to be efficient.

If you are looking to save money but not sacrifice quality, the following tips will help:

Destination Wedding Benefits

For most couples, the average wedding costs is around $50,000. A wedding held in a suitable location (no private islands), typically costs between $50,000 and $60,000

Depending on the number of guests invited, $15,000 to $20,000 A destination wedding is a great way to have a luxurious wedding without breaking the bank.

A destination wedding can be a dream getaway for you and your friends! This makes the whole wedding experience more memorable.

This makes it even more fun.

Planning Your Destination Wedding

Are you a Destination bride? Consider whether a destination wedding is the right choice for you before you start your grand plan.

Select the perfect destination

Think about your wedding day. Do you see it at a beach? What temperature is it? It can be difficult to choose the right destination. Consider your budget.

Your decision-making process should include this. For those with a limited budget, weddings are possible. The USD currency is strong in emerging markets.

The U.S. Dollar is more valuable in Mexico, Brazil, and Chile than it is in other countries. You might consider a destination wedding in these countries.

Countries that can take advantage of the exchange rates benefits. For example, $1 USD equals 13 pesos. If flower arrangements cost 1000 pesos you would only be charged 1000 pesos.

Spend approximately $77 USD

Set the date

Even though most weddings are held in summer, you can still have a great time at a tropical location. Book a wedding

It is possible to save a lot of money by choosing an off-season date. You might consider choosing a non-summer date which is accessible to your friends and family. After you have set the date, ensure that you keep it.

To give your guests enough notice at least four to six month in advance of the big day so that they have time to cancel work or make other arrangements,

Make all Guest Arrangements

You and your spouse can decide if you want to hold a destination wedding. It is also up to you to decide

If it’s possible to cover all expenses for your guests or if your guests will be able to pay the hotel and flight fees. Do you have the funds to pay your guests?

To get a group rate, book everything together. You can give your guests a token of appreciation if you are on a tight budget.

You can invite them to sample the famous coffee or chocolates at your destination. You can also create a list of events for each guest, and suggest different options.

There are many places to visit and sights to be seen in their spare time.

Get help if you need it

Many brides who want to host a destination wedding don’t have the time or ability to plan everything. Hiring a wedding consultant/coordinator may be. The perfect solution to stress overload. They can help with the planning and research every aspect of the wedding.

Use Local Vendors

There is nothing more frustrating than trying get something from Point A to Point B. This is especially true if Point B is half-way around the globe. Local florists and caterers are good options. hairdressers, etc. your big day will run more smoothly.

Make sure you have a back-up plan

Mother Nature can surprise you with unexpected surprises, even if you wish for the sun to shine and birds to chirp on your big day. Always have a plan B.

Are you planning to get married on the beach? If the weather is not cooperating, make sure you have an indoor space nearby.

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